Concert November 9th

I will be giving a solo piano concert on Sunday November 9th at 4pm at the NDG Maison de la Culture. You can pick up the tickets starting on October 26th at the Maison de la culture or online at also beginning on October 26th. The concert is called Sentiers D’automne and I’ll be performing 3 pieces with string bass player Gyandev..Hope to see you there and to celebrate this beautiful and colourful season.. Merci beaucoup and Thank you.

Mark Pinkus
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#1 in all of Canada

My solo piano music is now ranked #1 in all of Canada for the Spiritual Music Charts on  There are many pieces for you to listen to at  Please share with your networking friends!! thanks so much, Merci!

57th Grammy Awards

spending hours and hours a day which includes during the night as well networking with Grammy voting members, connecting with them on social media pages, sending links, videos, interviews, soundcloud clips…it’s non stop..Having a blast receiving many cds of the artists that have submitted their albums for the first round of the voting ballots starting in mid October. My cd The Peace Messenger is in the category of Best New Age album for the 57th Grammys. I spend my time as well packaging the cd and going back and forth to the post office to ship them out..Networking and promotion is the key..send out your great vibes for The Peace Messenger. I’d love to go to LA and attend and be nominated at these upcoming Grammys. what a thrill that would be.

Carnegie Hall

The wonderful new age pianist/composer and producer Donovan Johnson is organizing his next Enlightened Piano Radio new age showcase at Carnegie Hall in New York city next year. The date for this event will be confirmed later. I can’t wait to perform there. It would be a dream come true. I hope that some of you will come to New York for the performance. we’ll keep you all posted!


Several people have asked me during my performances where can they get some free downloads. Well, simply go to and you’ll find many to choose from that are all free. Please do me a favour and share them with your social media friends. I would so much appreciate that so my listening audience grows thanks to your sharing of the music..and if you’ve like to purchase a cd all you have to do is go to  and you can hear free brief samples of every piece before purchase. thanks so much for listening and we’ll see you at one of my upcoming shows. peace, Mark

New Age music charts

My latest cd The Peace Messenger is presently at the #4 position on the Spiritual charts on for all of Canada..Also for the month of May The Peace Messenger has moved up from #63 last month to #41 on the New Age Music charts. I”m happy to see the album move up the musical ladder.

Live Radio Show – webcast

The streaming link for our event is  If

you’re not able to join us on Saturday, tune in!  And tell all of your

friends, family and fans.  By doing that, you’re helping to support ALL of
the artists who are involved in this years ceremony.



56th Grammy Awards

My newly released new age solo piano cd The Peace Messenger will be submitted into the voting process for Best New Age Album at the 56th Grammy Awards. The voting begins in August. Let’s see what happens. I’ll keep you all posted for sure. (To hear free brief samples of The Peace Messenger album please go to  thanks for listening and sharing!